Vision – Life in Community

This is how we seek to glorify God:


Jesus is the centre and foundation of our church community because he is the only one who gives us true life. He shapes our church culture which is marked by the love and glorious grace God has shown us through Jesus. That means the Bible, God’s word, which explains who Jesus is and what he has done for us, is central to our church and individual lives.

Growing church

We commit to be a strong and loving community of Christians. That means we love God (worship) and faithfully serve him with our lives (discipleship). We commit to meeting together, praying for one another and helping one another grow in our faith.  It also means we care for each other’s needs and practically help each other whenever we can.

Reaching out

We seek to serve our community in any way we can and by loving our neighbours and living Christ-like lives every day. We long to introduce people to Jesus Christ and share the good news of life in his name.

Mission – Bringing people to Jesus

We seek to glorify God by making disciples as we prayerfully share Jesus and lovingly serve our communities.

There are four key values and practices we live by in order to reach out to each other and our communities:

Proclaiming the word

Whether this is through sermons on Sunday, or casually over coffee with our friends, we seek to share the good news of God’s love in Jesus with everyone. In this way, we hope to encourage our fellow Christians but also lead others to know Jesus for themselves too.

Prayerful dependence

We know that we can do very little for God without his help. We depend on him for the strength we need to live for him. We also pray earnestly for others, that they would know more of God’s love too.


God has made us for relationships and community. Simply running lots of clubs, programmes and ministries isn’t enough.  We want to build meaningful relationships with each other, genuinely loving and caring for others and bringing each other closer to Jesus.


None of us are perfect. We are all “works in progress”. Sometimes we take three steps forward and two steps back. Therefore, we patiently love and serve one another and others as we grow closer to Jesus and become more like him.