You will need

You will need:

Willow, hazel or young birch branches

Evergreen foliage

String or wire

Scissors or wire cutters

A candle


  1. Loop your willow, hazel or young birch branches in a circle, roughly 20cm in diameter, and add any many as you can to create a wreath base. Leave gaps to add your foliage later.
  2. Tie the branches together as you go (with string or wire) and tuck in any rough edges.
  3. Tuck the foliage in the base, starting in thirds and moving round until you fill the whole wreath. You could also add fresh herbs, pine cones, berries, baubles or dried flower heads. 
  4. Lay it in the centre of your table and place an advent candle in the middle.

Craft by Kat