There are some questions everyone asks about life but it isn’t easy to find real answers.  However, many of us have found meaningful answers and a new life in the person of Jesus Christ.

Could Jesus have the answers to our biggest questions?
Can he be the key to real life?

In the Spirng of 2022, a season of new life, we explored some of these big questions in a series of special services.  We looked at what Jesus had to say about life and what it means for you!

  1. Life: does it matter?
    Exploring meaning, identity and purpose
  2. Life: why is it so hard?
    The causes and cure for suffering
  3. Life: can it be happy?
    Searching for joy and where to look
  4. Life: does it have to end?
    Inevitable death and life beyond

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For more, go to: This series is part of the A Passion for Life mission.