What did the Roman Soldier do?

The Roman Soldier was responsible for making sure Jesus died. He didn’t know Jesus. He wasn’t one of his friends.

He was an expert at his job (which was executing criminals) and he nailed lots and lots of people to crosses and watched them die. He knew how guilty people reacted to their punishment.

What did he think of Jesus?

Initially, he probably thought Jesus was just another criminal. So he did his job, obeyed orders and nailed him to the cross. But then he watched how Jesus interacted with the criminals next to him, and how he didn’t fight being killed, he realised he was different. He wasn’t guilty!

He watched closely everything that happened, and after Jesus took his last breath, the soldier said, “Surely, this man was innocent!” He was so amazed at Jesus that he worshipped God in that moment.

(You can read the whole Easter story in the Bible here.)

Easter Egg Trail Map

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