Who was Judas?

Judas was one of Jesus’ closest friends (1 of 12) but he betrayed Jesus because he cared more about getting rich. He wasn’t really his friend at all.

How did he betray Jesus?

Judas looked after the money for the group, and he got greedy. When he found out that some people wanted to arrest Jesus, he decided to make some money out of it. So he made a deal and was paid 30 silver coins to help them arrest Jesus.

After Jesus and his friends all had a nice meal together (known as ‘The Last Supper’) they went into a garden of olive trees called Gethsemane. Judas had arranged to betray Jesus by greeting him with a kiss, so the soldiers would know which man to arrest. (Even while Judas was betraying Jesus, he was pretending to be his friend!) Jesus knew that Judas was betraying him, and he simply said, “Do what you came to do.”

So the soldiers arrested Jesus. Judas might have made some money, but he lost a friend.

What happened to Judas?

When Judas realised that Jesus was going to be killed because of what he had done, he felt guilty. He tried to take the money back to the people he made a deal with. He said, “I have sinned. I have betrayed an innocent man.” But it was too late. He couldn’t change what he had done.

Judas felt so guilty, he took his own life by hanging. He didn’t get to see Jesus come back from the dead. He didn’t get the chance to make things right with his friend.

(You can read the whole Easter story in the Bible here.)

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