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3-Year Bible Reading Plan

In January 2017, we’re starting a new Bible reading plan together called ‘The Bible Project’.


The Plan

The Bible Project is a plan for the church to read the Bible, together, and to better understand its message so that we may be better equipped to follow God. The Bible Project dips in and out of 4 broad tracks through the Bible:

  • The Old Testament Series
  • Jesus and the Kingdom
  • The People of [God’s] Kingdom
  • The Revelation


Readings & Videos

We’ve suggested a reading plan across 3 years. Following this should require only 5 minutes reading time a day, on average. After three years you would have read the whole Bible! To help us navigate the Bible we will use resources prepared by a group entitled ‘The Bible Project’. These resources are freely available online. To find them simply search for the video title together with ‘The Bible Project’ on YouTube. If you are using an online copy of the reading plan (see left), then most of the videos can be found by simply clicking on the title of the video, although some were not complete at the time of writing and therefore not available to link.


Meeting Together

On the first Sunday evening of every month we will meet together to view some of these videos and think about what we may expect to read in the month ahead. We will watch some of the Bible Project overview videos together, and discuss the themes we expect to find. We’ll think about these key questions together:

  • What does this teach me about God?
  • What does this teach me about humanity?


Free App

The Bible Project was originally designed as a 1-year reading plan, and there is an accompanying free app (Read Scripture) which is available on iOS and Android. This is a useful app which includes the Bible text (ESV) and the videos all in one place, and it’s easy to ‘tick-off’ the readings as you go through the plan, so you can see how much has been completed. If you download this you could  go through the Bible in a year, if you prefer, or else use it together with the 3-year plan we have laid out.


More resources are also available through the Bible Project website: