Here you’ll find a sample of some of our Foundations of Faith sessions.
We meet on the last Sunday of the month from 6.30pm.

All are welcome to join us as we take a deeper look at Christian belief.

Unit 1: The Doctrine of Scripture

1.1. Why Study Theology? (Download: FoF 1.1. Worksheet)

1.2. How does God speak to us? Revelation and the Bible (Download: FoF 1.2. Worksheet)

1.3. What is the Bible? Canon and Inspiration (Download: FoF 1.3. Worksheet)

1.4. What is the Bible Like? Authority and Inerrancy (Download: FoF 1.4. Worksheet)

1.5. What is the Bible Like? Sufficiency and Clarity (Download: FoF 1.5. Worksheet)

Sorry, no audio is available for this session.

Unit 2: The Doctrine of God

2.1. Who is God and How Can I Know Him? (Download: FoF 2.1. Worksheet)

2.2. What is God Like? Introducing God’s Attributes (Download: FoF 2.2. Worksheet)

2.3 God is Glorious: What Makes God Unique?  (Download: FoF 2.3 Worksheet)

2.4 God is Lord: How Great is God? (Download: FoF 2.4 PowerPoint Slides PDF)

2.5 God is Holy: How Perfect is God? (Download: FoF_2.5_L20_God Is Holy WORKSHEET)