Outdoor Services

As long as the weather is good, we are enjoying outdoor services in the school grounds. Because there is more space, more people can attend and we can also sing! We sit in the shade of the trees, so if it’s a hot day we won’t be right in the sun. If you have your own chair, please do bring it (and perhaps a flask of coffee/water). We will have spare disinfected chairs available if needed.

Toilets are available in the school, but we would ask everyone to use hand sanitiser and to put on a mask before entering the building. Surfaces inside the school hall and toilets will be sanitised before and after the service by our welcome team.

If the weather is bad, we will move our service indoors. Although there are no restrictions anymore for social distancing indoors, we will continue to space out the chairs. You are welcome to gather these closer together if you would like to sit in a group, but please be considerate towards those who may want to maintain some distance. We can sing indoors, but we would kindly ask you to keep your mask on.

Please see our Sundays page to get a feel for what our church services are usually like, We are not currently serving refreshments, but we hope to be able to introduce this again soon.

Sunday School

We are running Sunday school groups for children (ages 3-11) during the service, every other week. Sign up to our emails to be notified on which week Sunday school is running, otherwise children are very welcome to be part of our main service.


We’re unable to give out Bibles in the service at the moment, but if you have your phone with you we’d highly recommend an app called YouVersion which allows you to read the Bible on your phone  – in any version or language!

Test and Trace

We will take details of each person/family for ‘Test and Trace’ purposes. We will only use these contact details if there is a case of COVID-19 and we need to notify you. Please see our privacy notice for how we handle data generally.

Service Recordings

Our services are recorded and uploaded to YouTube as soon as we are able. We also have a number of recorded messages that you can listen to at any time on our sermons page.

Growth Groups

Our growth groups are endeavouring to meet together each week, either over Zoom or in person. If you would like to be part of a growth group, please contact Dan.

Music Videos

Our music team have created some excellent recorded songs for us to enjoy at home. Here’s an example of one from ‘The Garden Sessions’ and there are more on our YouTube channel.

Alphabet Attributes

We’ve created videos for the children! We’re taking every letter of the alphabet and looking at the different attributes of God. Here’s an example, but you can watch all of them with your kids on Facebook or YouTube.


If you would like something to help you pray, we recorded a prayer worshipping God and asking for his mercy when we mess up so often. We also pray for the world as it groans under the weight of a widespread pandemic. The voices are different members and attendees of our church – lifting our voices up together as one.

Need help?

We appreciate that this can be a very lonely and worrying time for people, so if you need help – with food shopping or errands, prayer or financial support – please contact elders@christchurchtilehurst.org.uk and we’ll do our very best to help you.

We are a church family, living in community, and loving our neighbours. To the best of our ability, even though there are restrictions on how we can meet together, we want to continue to be a supportive and approachable family.

You can also follow us on Facebook to be part of our online community.