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Dan Dwelly (Pastor)


We love a good rags-to-riches
story – Cinderella, Alan Sugar, and even Harry Potter! But did you know Christmas is a rags-to-riches story with a twist?

The rags belong to us – our broken and messy lives.
No matter what we do, we cannot make ourselves rich. The love, wholeness, acceptance, hope, peace, joy, forgiveness we desperately need are beyond our grasp.

The riches belong to Jesus (God’s Son) – the maker and ruler of the universe and the most perfect person of all.

Here’s the twist: Jesus gave up his riches for our rags so that we might receive his riches! Born as a baby, growing as a man, then dying in our place. In him we die, so to speak, so that we can rise into a new life filled with his riches.

So, it is not us, but Jesus who makes us rich! It is a gift of his love for undeserving people like us.

Will you give up your rags for his riches this Christmas?

I’d love to invite you to one of our Christmas services to find out more, sing all your favourite carols and explore why Jesus’ birth is worth celebrating.