You will need

Black paper or card

Sticky-back plastic (or other transparent item, such as a plastic wallet, and glue)

Colourful squares of tissue paper (or a range of colourful permanent markers)

Method 1

  1. Cut out your silhouette from black card or paper. (We used a simple nativity template from the internet for ours).

  2. Stick the silhouette(s) onto your plastic sheet.

  3. Cover the rest of the sheet with the squares of tissue paper. (If not using sticky-back plastic, attach them with glue).

Method 2

  1. Trace your silhouette/text onto transparent plastic using a black Sharpie (permanent marker).

  2. Fill in the rest of the design using coloured Sharpies. (The light will shine through the colours, but not the black).

Craft by Rachel, Lydia and Zach. Download the spread from our magazine with photo examples!