We have created a few playlists on Spotify with some of our favourite Christian music. Songs are a really helpful way to listen to and reflect on who God is and what he’s done.

A lot of them are inspired by verses from the Bible or aspects of God’s character, and others are stories and examples of how God has worked in people’s lives.


This playlist includes many of the songs that we tend to sing whenever we get together for worship.

Sunday School

The children love to sing these in Sunday School or at home with their families. Particular favourites are ‘My Lighthouse’ (Rend Collective) and ‘Mighty, Mighty Saviour’ (Sovereign Grace).


Here are a few more playlists with some contemporary music that we’ve played at various events (such as the Light Party). We don’t sing all of these together as a church, but they are great to listen to and sing along with at home!

Light Party



Comfort & Peace