Who were the women?

There were lots of women who followed Jesus and loved him as a friend and teacher. We know three of their names:  Mary (Jesus’ mum), another Mary (Mary Magdalene) and Joanna. They were devastated when he died.

What did they do?

They went to his tomb where he was buried, as they were going to put some spices on his body out of respect. But when they got there, they found the stone had been rolled away from the entrance and the tomb was empty! Jesus wasn’t there!

Two angels suddenly appeared to them and said, “Why are you looking for someone who is alive in a place where dead people are? He’s not here. He has risen!”

They ran back to tell all of Jesus’ other friends that he was alive! This was amazing that women were the first to know about Jesus’ resurrection, because at that time women weren’t very respected in society. But God loved them and wanted them to know first and to share this good news with the men!

They met the resurrected Jesus!

On their way to tell the others, Jesus met them! He said, “Don’t be afraid!” (Do you think you would be afraid to see someone alive after you had seen them die?) They ran to him, held on tight and worshipped him because they knew only God could defeat death!

(You can read the whole Easter story in the Bible here.)

Easter Egg Trail Map

Well done for finding this egg! Have you found the others? (There are 9 in total.) Here is the map! To help you out, the roads are Brooksby Rd, Overdown RdCotswold Way (x2), Fairford Rd, Fulbrook Cres, Norcot Rd, Skilton Rd, Ullswater Drive. But we won’t tell you the house numbers… that would be too easy!